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Salmon and brussel sprouts

This is a fantastic way of frying up a great piece of wild caught Salmon. In the past it would completely throw me off when I see people eating the skin on a fish and seeing it plated skin side up just seemed weird. I don’t know if it’s because of maturity or just the fact that I am getting more accustomed to the creative side of cooking, but over the last couple of years I have really gotten use to cooking and eating when it’s prepared this way.


So to prepare the fish you should first make sure you get the fish as dry as possible, this will help with the searing and getting the skin nice and crispy. One tip I have is to make sure you have a really really sharp knife on hand to make the cuts through the skin. The cuts in the skin help with two things.
One is that it will help with the cooking process and two is because of the finished look of the dish. As you can see I have a clean blade that I keep around to make these cuts, The skin is super tough so this makes it easier to get through. Try not to cut too deep into the fish when making these cuts. I space my cuts out about half an inch or so, about 3 to 4 slices per piece. Also make sure to season your fish with some salt and pepper. Just do this to the skin side first since that’s the side you will cook first. You can season the other side once its placed in the pan.

So now that your fish is prepped it’s time to fry!! Turn your stove top on to medium high heat-closer to high. Add some ghee (clarified butter) and bring it up to heat. Once the pan is hot you can add the fish. Place the fish in the pan skin side down and make sure there is space in between the fish, try no to overcrowd the fish this will also aid in making the skin nice and crispy. You should cook the fish for about 4 minutes skin side and check it just to make sure its crisping up nicely instead of burning lol. When the skin is shrinking around the sides it is doing the right thing. after its done on that side you can flip it and fry on the other side for 3-4 minutes. These times depend on the thickness of the fish aswell. When done, let the fish rest for about 2 minutes before eating.
On to the brussel sprouts! brussel sprouts can be amazing when done the right way. To prep them first you want to trim off the bottom and peel any leaves off that are loose. Slice the sprouts length wise. A great tip to help them cook evenly is to make a slice through the “root” part of the sprout,
because this is the most dense part of the vegetable and will be very tough to eat if not done this way. Start by sweating down some onions until they have soften up and started to get a bit of caramelization. Through in the brussel sprout and let cook for about 5 minutes. You want to keep them moving every once in a while so they don’t burn. I used some of my pre-cooked bacon so II added this in when there was just a couple minutes left. of course you want to season with salt and pepper as you go.
I finished the fish off with a great honey, garlic glaze that gave it an amazing taste.
This dish was a great meal for a Friday night, well really any night for that matter.

I hope you try it and enjoy it just as much as we did. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page. Both of which you can do from this website.

Take care and keep the fire hot!!

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