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My Paleo lifestyle. The Caveman way.

So I know it’s been awhile since my last post. Well I have a great reason for that which I will get to shortly. My job over the last three years had me traveling all across Canada staying in hotels and having no choice but to eat out(well so I thought). Prior to that I used to eat pizza fast food of any type and junk all the time. When I was about 25 I started to pack on some weight and it just continued from there. I would say that the previous 7 years or so from 32 going back was quite a bender. Not only was I consuming copious amounts of junk but I was also drinking a few more beer than I should have aswell. So as time went on and my careers had changed I noticed I was doing less physical work at work and more pencil pushing than anything.


Well I needed to make a change in my life or well changes, I hit a wall – a huge tubby fat wall and realized now it’s time. My weight finally hit 240 lbs and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. If you know me you know I don’t like to make excuses for anything. But that’s really all I kept doing. I would think oh its age and my job, maybe some stress,,, I had to call BULLS*%T on myself and just step up to the plate (lol) and deal with it.


Well my beautiful wife discovered a lifestyle called the Paleo Diet. I am not going to get into the entire idea behind it because there are tons of websites already for that. A brief overview of it is that it dates back to the time before grocery getting, farming and basically modern life as we know it. By this I mean hunters use to hunt for their meat and gatherers would gather fruits, nuts, berries and vegetation and that’s what they eat. Know I am absolutely no authority on the topic but to me it made sense about how all of the modern diseases and disorders started and it was based on how people’s diets evolved. I will give you some links to websites to read more about it if you’re interested but as always Google will help do the work for ya. Part of the point is that our bodies haven’t evolved as fast as food production.

I started this diet late in December 2012 and from that point until now I have lost 23.6 lbs. Yes you read that right, an average of 2.36 lbs a week. Now you’re probably reading that saying – this guy must be torturing himself trying to lose all that weight. Guess what peps, it’s the absolute opposite. I haven’t given up beer or even worked out one day not one freakin day!!!. And I swear to whatever god you believe in I have witnesses to back it up. Pissed and jealous witnesses, but none the less. I still drink beer, just different beer and I still eat pretty big size meals, just better ones. I am planning to get back into the gym now, but I was getting so self-conscious that I didn’t want to be the fat guy in the corner of the gym guys would make fun of, sucks but it’s the world we live in. I had a goal to get too which was 215 lbs and then start getting back at er (The gym, not the junk).

So let’s start with the beer, I like my beer and I definitely didn’t want to give that up. Don’t get me wrong I’m not and alchy or anything, I mostly kept the beer to the weekends but still through the week I enjoy a few along the way. So there is a beer brewed by Sleemans that is called Sleemans Clear. At first I thought, come on this is just going to be a weak ass beer. That’s not all wrong really but still if you’re gonna make the effort to lose the weight but not your enjoyment- then this is the one!. Compared to most regular beers there is a 6-1 ratio when it comes down to calories (layman’s terms = you can drink 6 of these and only consume the same caloric intake as one Budweiser.) for the first bit of this program I was in the midst of packing up to move half way across Canada for some better job opportunities, so I had the chance to cook and or prepare all of my meals while I was at home. So the chance of picking up junk food was low to non-existent. I had bacon and eggs, veggie and sausage omelets for breakfast burgers without the bun, fish, chicken whatever I wanted really for lunch and the same for dinner. In this blog you will see numerous pictures of the meals I prepared to give you some ideas of what to eat. The best part about this and why it was so easy to buy into this lifestyle was because I didn’t have to give up the meats that I loved eating….at all!!. To give you an idea of what kinds of foods I did have to sacrifice here are a few examples. Processed foods such as KD, pre-cooked meats and cold cuts. As well as grains like wheat, quinoa. No more taco nights either, now instead of eating taco shells or tortillas I wrap my fajita and taco stuffing’s in lettuce or cabbage wraps. And trust me you won’t miss the shells or tortillas. And for taco seasoning just use regular spices like cumin, paprika, salt pepper, and curry powders instead of prepackage mixes. Instead of pasta I use spaghetti squash, instead of rice I turn cauliflower in to a rice substitute by chopping up the cauliflower in my food processer. I know you probably think that cauliflower rice is weird but trust me, don’t knock it until you try it. The biggest thing I must stress is that you have to eat a ton of veggies throughout the day to avoid that carb craving. And make sure you have a protein with ALL meals as well.

The thing you must remember is that if you look at the ingredients and you see words that A) you can’t pronounce or B) have no idea what they are, then most likely you don’t want it in your body. I now buy free range chicken, beef, bison, pork and wild caught fish as opposed to farm raised that has no preservatives or antibiotics injected in to or fed to them. For veggies, try to buy organic as well, this way you avoid harmful pesticides that well, over time can potentially harm you. I will admit this can get quite expensive but if you don’t want to feel the impact on your wallet too bad you can buy lean meats such as chicken breast, flank steak and bison at your regular grocery store so this way you atleast cut out a majority of the fat you would consume otherwise. I would suggest buying your rib eyes, roasts, and any other fatty meats organic if possible. To find a more in-depth list of foods you should and shouldn’t consume I will give you a couple links or a again trust “the Google” (Thanks G.Bush Jr), You will find endless websites with a ton of information.

I don’t usually preach about things that don’t give me results, but for this I must repeat I have lost 25 lbs. It works, that simple. I hope you give it a shot and if you do please do not hesitate to send me any questions you may have with food prep or how to eat well while traveling. You can ask through this site or post it on my Facebook page that goes by the same name as this site.

Take care and keep the fire hot!!

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    Every Day Cooking

    My Paleo lifestyle. The Caveman way.

    So I know it’s been awhile since my last post. Well I have a great reason for that which I will ...
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