Beef, Every Day Cooking

Braised Beef Shanks with pasta.

One morning as I was making coffee and breakfast and as always watching the food network, I noticed that one of my favorite chefs Michael Smith was making a great dish with something I have never used before. He was making Braised Beef Shank and it looked absolutely amazing. After watching for a few minutes and taking a couple notes, my first stop was the grocery store. The funny thing is that as I placed my order for two Beef Shanks at the butcher counter, a lady came up behind me and proceeded to order the same thing. I then glanced into her basket and she had all the same ingredients as me. I couldn’t help but laugh because obviously we had just watched the same show.

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Beef curry or curried beef? either way its great.

I have no idea where this craving came from, however it came and I had to address it. As I was driving home from the trailer I was hit with a craving of Curry. I remembered that I had some stewing beef frozen in the deep freeze and pretty much all of the other necessary herbs and spices. I looked up numerous recipes online but so many of them seemed very difficult and or hard to follow. I did however find a pretty basic recipe on The only problem was that in all the reviews I read on it said that this was very bland and overall not very exciting. We’ll I took this little old recipe and gave it a shot. Now of course I didn’t make it to the recipe, I definitely changed and added a few things. I think this is still a very manageable dish to make depending on what you have in your cup boards not your skill level.

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