Rolled Flank steak. Blow the mind of your guests.

I cooked, I ate and I conquered – Rolled flank steak that is. I have been cooking flank steak for the last 5 years or so. My wife introduced me to it as a substitute for huge fatty steaks (between me and you there is no replacement). However, she is right in the fact that if you are wanting to eat healthy by cutting out as much fat as you can, then this is the way to go so that you can still feel like man (insert grunts here) and grill up a nice big ass steak. Today we aren’t making a steak but using the flank cut it to blow people away.

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Every Day Cooking

Delicious braised rabbit W/ Portobello mushrooms.

So Once again I have decided to try rabbit. I did a rabbit dish recently and since then have fallen head over heels for this meat. Before the last post I had never cooked or eaten rabbit ever in my 34 years on this planet. Man was I missing out!! Now that I have discovered this under rated meat I believe it is time to bring it to the forefront and let people know that this is not worth overlooking. Some people have a problem trying to eat rabbit and I completely understand (well not really but I’m trying) that people consider this as a pet and the meat should not be eaten. I call BS, people eat all kinds of meat without any issue so why when it comes to rabbit do people put up such a front? Well because they are a fluffy little cute animals that people relate to Easter bunnies and all that jazz. Well forget it. You if you can’t train the animal to come to you when called or play fetch then to me you are 100% edible.

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Restaurant and Diner Reviews

Malaysian Murtabak and the Good Food Festival.

Last weekend (may 4,5,6) we were promoting Nutracleanse ( www.nutracleanseontario.com )at the Good Food Festival in Mississauga Ont. As the name says there was a ton of good food that you could sample and buy. Now because I was working the show I regretfully didn’t have the time to go around and taste everybody’s food that they were handing out to the masses. Going to these shows is great way to try things that you may never really think about trying or just aren’t available in your area. For some of the items you do have to pay, however if you ask nicely and not treat the vendors as carnies then they are more than willing to let you sample it before purchasing.

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Every Day Cooking

Burrito Breakfast!!!!!

Mmmmm, breakfast. I can eat breakfast at any time of day. Well I guess then it would be lunch or dinner. Whatever you want to call it, it’s amazing. I’m not talking about porridge or oatmeal or even cereal (well actually cereal is pretty good anytime as well) I am talking about the combination of eggs, bacon, has browns and whatever the hell else you want to through in with it. As I fell out of bed this morning thinking, ahh, hasbrowns, bacon, eggs, perfect. Just to come to the realization that I have no hash browns, nor do I have any potatoes to turn into homemade hash.

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